About Us

Broccoli & Tree is the design brand baby of me, Abigail Emily. 


I am a Surface Pattern Designer working in various rooms from my home in the West Sussex countryside.

Whilst completing my degree in Textile Design I realised I had a passion for creating designs for children that were fun, unique, imagination sparking, tactile and gender neutral. 

As a mum of a young girl I wanted to create something away from the norm that you see in the high street and supermarkets, the one that dictates girls should wear pastels and pinks and be princesses, boys greys and blues and should always be strong. I felt so passionately about these things that I wrote my dissertation about them. 

I feel strongly that children should be surrounded by things that allow them to be children, to play, to explore, to imagine

So with these passions and drive I decided to create something that really means something to me and that enables me to work from home and be around for my daughter and family.


Broccoli & Tree was born. 

Come and Explore My World.

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